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Hard Surface Cleaner.

Description and Uses:
HSC was the first "natural" solvent-based cleaner on the market. HSC uses a safe but aggressive blend of grease loving surfactants and orange oil which cleans grease, carbon, varnish and baked on grime from a variety of surfaces.
At various concentrations use HSC for cleaning heavy equipment, military aircraft, industrial cooling towers or arm rests on vehicles. Cleans ovens, grills and food prep areas in a snap.
HSC is also a wonderful degreaser. It is non-caustic and will not harm aluminum components or rims. It cleans by emulsifying the grease and rinsing it away.
  • Will not stain or chalk metal engine components.

  • Biodegradable and non toxic.

  • Non caustic formula.

  • Buffers help protect delicate metal parts.

  • Easily rinsed from most hard surfaces.

  • Little scrubbing required.

  • Far less aggressive than most water based degreasers.

  • Will not choke users when sprayed.

  • Very versatile.

  • Extremely concentrated, dilute up to 80:1.

  • A great laundry pre-spotter.

Dilute 5-1 as a degreaser, 10-1 as a pre soak bug remover
Special Tips and Precautions:
  • Dwell time is very important! Apply to a warm engine and allow to dwell for 3-6 minutes.

  • Always test in a hidden area before use.

  • Do not use on dyed or freshly painted surfaces.

  • Always rinse hard surfaces with plenty of water. Failure to rinse properly will result in a sticky residue remaining on the surface.

  • Do not use on soft materials, fabric or any where a large amount of water cannot be used for rinsing.

Contains: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Disodium Metasilicate (6834-92-0)Chelating Agent, Terpene Hydrocarbon (68956-56-9)Solvent, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (25155-30-0)Surfactant, C9-11 Alcohols ethoxylated (68439-46-3)Surfactant, Pentasodium Triphosphate (7758-29-4)Chelate, Dye (proprietary)Colorant

SDS File: SDSHardSurfaceCleaner.pdf

Category: Degreasers


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