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CDX Nano Ceramic Coating is the next generation sealant from Mark-V. Utilizing the very latest in silane technology, CDX covalently bonds to the surface to form an outstanding barrier against all pollutants.

CDX gives the user the best of both worlds, the look and feel of a high end wax with the durability and protection of the latest in nano technology. CDX Nano Ceramic Coating will cover small blemishes and swirls whilst imparting a high gloss shine that outlasts conventional waxes and sealants, while protecting all exterior surfaces of the vehicle!

CDX Nano Ceramic Coating is impervious to detergents, solvents, acids or anything the environment can throw at it.

CDX gives the slickest finish of any nano coating on the market. The hydrophobic characteristic means that your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer, saving on water and detailing costs!

CDX can be applied to all exterior surfaces of the vehicle, even the windshield, giving clearer vision in poor driving conditions and enhanced visibility when driving at night.

One application of CDX has been proven to last for more than 12 months in real world tests

Does not contain Sio2, Tio2 or any other mineral extender

One application easily lasts 12 months

Incredible water beading effect

Very easy to apply to all surfaces, paint, glass, vinyl, chrome

Resists detergents, solvents acids

High gloss shine

Incredible slick feel

Vehicle stays cleaner for longer

Prior to application existing waxes or sealants should be removed by wiping with a strong solution of Mark-V's Extreme Miracle Cleaner or similar product.
Heavily scratched/swirled or faded paintwork should be polished either by hand or machine with Mark-V's Uno, MV350 or Phase V polishes.
The use of a clay bar prior to applying CDX will also enhance the durability and slickness of the coating.

Contains: Hydrotreated light alkanes (64742-47-8) Solvent, Confidential Ingredient (withheld) Film Former, 2-Propanol (67-63-0) Solvent, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), Dimethylsilicone fluid (9016-00-6) Lubricant, Confidential Ingredient (withheld)

SDS File: SDSCDXCeramicShield.pdf

Category: Sealants


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