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Liquid/Creme productBody Shop SafeFor use with machine polisher.

Krystal Kut - Cutting Compound.

Description and Uses:
When used with a high-speed polisher Krystal Kut cleans paint both chemically and with a blend of two abrasives. The first gives good initial cut and then under the heat and pressure of the buffer, flattens into a polishing particle. The second is a very fine, hard particle which lightly cuts through the entire buffing process. This combination of abrasives combined with Krystal Kutís surfactants and emulsifiers produce a smooth, glossy swirl free finish.
Use to remove moderate oxidation, wet/dry sanding scratches (1500 & up), car wash scratches, paint imperfections and swirl marks from heavier compounds. Also great for the removal of acid rain and other chemical etching.
  • Cleans like heavier compounds, but leaves a smooth, swirl free finish.

  • Can be used with a cutting, lambís wool or foam pad to achieve different cutting, polishing combinations.

  • Neutral pH prevents "tracking" or staining of paint.

  • Slower drying time allows for a longer working time, ideal for body shops.

  • Very easy clean up! Low dust! Any splatter dries to a powder which easily wipes or washes away even after days in the sun.

  • Body shop safe. Does not contain silicone or wax.

Special Tips and Precautions:
  • As with all compounds, be sure the painted surfaces are cool to the touch before applying product.

  • It is important to continue to buff in small sections and to work the product through its full cycle. Stopping prematurely will leave the surface scuffed or swirled.

Apply by high speed buffer.

Strength 8
Longevity 1

Contains: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Hydrotreated Light Alkanes (64742-47-8)Solvent, Alumina (1318-23-6)Abrasive, Aluminum Silicate (66402-68-4)Abrasive, Distillates, Petroleum, Light paraffinic (64741-89-5)Solvent, Confidential ingredient (withheld), C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (9003-01-4)Thickener, Triethanolamine (102-71-6)pH Adjuster, DMDM Hydantoin (6440-58-0)Preservative, Dye (proprietary)Colorant

SDS File: SDSKrystalKut.pdf


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