Mystique – Finessing Glaze 16oz - $ 13.95
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Liquid/Creme productBody Shop SafeFor use with DA PolisherFor use with machine polisher.

Mystique - Heavy Duty Finessing Glaze.

Mystique is unique micro-fine compound and glaze. It is used by detailers to remove moderate scratches, swirls and medium oxidation. Mystique’s unique blend of abrasive gives this product its mystical characteristics. It is amazing how it can remove heavy scratches and paint imperfections and create a flawless swirl-free finish.
Mystique does not contain silicone or wax. It is often used by body shops after compounding to remove spider web and compounding scratches.
After using Mystique, apply a product such as Glisten, Dazzle, Coach Wax or Glaze It to protect the surface.
  • Removes scratches like a heavy compound, finishes like a fine polish Easy to use.

  • Neutral pH. Will not "track" or stain paint.

  • Very low residue. Less dust and easier clean-up then competing products.

  • Body shop safe. No silicones or waxes.

  • Can be used with any type of buffing pad.

Apply by PC or high speed buffer.

Strength 8
Longevity 1

Contains: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Hydrotreated Light Alkanes (64742-47-8)Solvent, Alumina (1318-23-6)Abrasive, Aluminum Silicate (66402-68-4)Abrasive, Distillates, Petroleum, Light paraffinic (64741-89-5)Solvent, Alkanolamide (80893-63-6)Surfactant, C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (9003-01-4)Thickener, Triethanolamine (102-71-6)pH Aduster, DMDM Hydrantoin (6440-58-0)Preservative, Dye (proprietary)Colorant

SDS File: SDSMystique.pdf


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